Creative Cover Art

Digital Vista provides creative cover art for Books, eBooks,
CDs, DVDs as well as Key Art and any illustrative work
you may need to promote your book, music or film.

We handle all genres, and have graced the projects
of literary legends like Clark Ashton Smith, music
legends like Pink Floyd, Yes, Moody Blues, and films
such as James Cameron's  Lost Tomb  of Jesus,
Operation Valkyrie, Monty Python and more.

Check out our Pre-Made covers.



For those on a budget, the Bronze features either a simple graphic background with text, or a cover utilizing one photo or graphic we supply, with a basic font for the title.



For those a bit more serious about quality, the Silver features a cover utilizing a photo we supply or a custom made graphic or logo. Custom typography included.



The Gold option features a creative composite of up to 5 images or photos to create a stunningly original piece of artwork. Custom typography included. For those seeking to beat the competition.


Starting at $1200

PLATINUM features an originally conceived piece of hand drawn artwork that is digitally rendered, or a sophisticated composite of numerous photos or images mixed with digital art to create the ultimate vision imaginable. Ideal for fantasy.

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